I have a private counselling practice in the Servette area of Geneva where I see individual adults and adolescents for psychological counselling and psychotherapy. I offer a safe, quiet and confidential space where clients can express themselves at their own pace. At times in our lives we may feel stuck, overwhelmed with our life situation, our emotions or uncontrollable thoughts, feelings of having lost our way, inescapable feelings of inexplicable sadness and despair, and an inability to move forward . At these times, counselling and psychotherapy is available to provide a safe and contained place where, in partnership with a therapist, we look at how to alleviate our symptoms and how to bring down the barrier that is preventing us from reaching our full potential; our potential for wellbeing and self-actualisation.
Office Address:
23 Rue Lamartine, 7th Floor
1203 Geneva
Contact Details:
++41 79 404 18 35
"Isolation only exists in isolation; once shared, it evaporates."  Irvin Yalom.