Professional Training and Experience

I have a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Psychology from University of Nottingham, U.K. My Master of Arts degree in Professional Mental Health Counselling is from Webster University, Geneva, Switzerland.  

My experience during my training involved work in the school system with children with special needs, work in the forensic psychiatric hospital setting both with patients with chronic illnesses as well as patients with acute illnesses and finally individual private counselling of children, adolescents and adults. Since qualifying, I have had over 15 years experience in private practice , working with adults and adolescents, using an integrative counselling approach. I also worked as a school counsellor in an international school for two years.

Continued Training, Workshops and Education

In this field, continued education and training is of extreme importance in order to expand one's repertoire of techniques and modalities as well as to remain up to date with developing therapies and approaches. It is also a requirement for membership with professional associations.

I have continued training in the following areas:

-  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
-  Emotion Freedom Technique
-  Energy Psychology
-  Psycho-traumatology
-  Psycho-sexual therapy
-  Image Re-scripting for Post Traumatic Stress  
-  Mindfulness meditation
-  Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction
-  Focusing psychotherapy
-  Transactional Analysis

I believe that through each therapeutic process, not only does the client hopefully grow, develop increased insight and move towards reaching his or her potential, but the counsellor also grows and learns.
"Technique follows understanding." -Rollo May

​Professional Membership and Accreditation

-  European Association of Counselling (EAC) 
   Accredited European Counsellor status
-  Register of Authorised Counsellors Sweden   
-  Swiss Association of Counselling (SGfB) with 
   advanced federal diploma
-  Swiss Foundation of Complementary Medecine
-  Swiss Society of Psychology (SSP) "membre 

I abide by the professional ethics and code of conduct of these professional organisations as well as the required continued education hours and supervision sessions.